About Sun International Sr. Sec. School
The society has established there a school which will be composite co-educational Senior Secondary school having its affiliation with the Central Board of Secondary Education New Delhi. English will be medium of the instruction right from the beginning so that the children of Sultanpur can appear for different competitive examinations at the all india and International level.

The modern concept of education is child centered. It was so in our ancient system where the devoted Gurus focused all their time, energy and thoughts on the all round development of their disciples. This is so in our school too, where there is a harmonious, fusion of the ancient Gurukulam and modern educational trends. By following this system, wer are confident of providing the children with ample opportunities for effective learning., This system also enables them to become worthy citizens of the 21st century.

The classroom is countrywide. The gurus and sishyas travel to different places in india, conduct classes and learn together by observing, doing and experiencing. Creativity and innovation are encouraged. The capacity for problem solving is the yardstick of intelligence and hence our students are enabled to solve problem by themselves Science and communication technology are taking rapid strides and the school offers computer education up to plus two level. It has internet facility also.

The behavior of each and every student is positively analysed and constructive solutions are arrived at. Attitudinal change, through special loving care, is our proven experience.

No educational institution is more than its teacher so the school bestows the most modern dimensions to the role of teachers and pupils

The teachers and the students are constantly undergoing an affectionate interaction with one another.

A child who enters our school at the age of four should, at the age of seventten years, be able to complete his/her studies and be well equipped to appear for multiprofessional entrance tests. He/She will be helped to develop an innovative intelligence which will shape his/her total personality.

Contact Details

Telephone:7376972616, 05362-293900

Email: suninternational91@gmail.come

Website: www.sisss.net

Address: Odra, Sultanpur - U.P.

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