Academic System

Internet & School Web-Site
Keeping in view the importance and utility of information technology the management shall make its use withschool web site internet etc.

Advisory Board
A team of highly experienced competent education ISTS has been formed to guide and give directions to the management for education planning and administration. Renowned educationists from Delhi and other parts of the country have given their consent to be part of the country have given their consent to be part of the advisory board.

Professional, Qualified &Competent
Principal of the school shall be the key person in execution of the different plans and policies of the school with the help and co-operation of his colleagues. APrincipal is like a guide, philosopher and friend. Management shall give top priority in the selection of principal who had a vision of a good school and prepared to accept the challenges with a sense of commitment and total dedication, Selection of teachers shall be totally without bias and any kind of compromise on quality and competence.

Value Education and Character Building
Character building and value education make a human being more humane and responsible individual. A person without character and the basic human values shall not be ableblossom in life love, compassion, mutual respect, brotherhood and good moral character are some of the qualities that makes and individual a better human being .the objective of education is man-making and what is a man without character and value . Great emphasis of the educational program in the school shall be on value based education and character building

Personality Development & Communication Skills
In today's world, confidence and sound personality withagood communication skill both in mother tongue and English is necessary in a highly competitive world. Therefore, the school take care of the school take care of the personality development with special courses and shall also ensure child has a good command in all the different skills of communication, both in English and Hindi.

Individualized Teaching
Every child has its own personal problem. In the classroom teaching many a times the problem of children are not resolved. Frustration, back wordiness in studies, indiscipline and such other problems crop up because a teacher in a 40 minutes period cannot solve the individual problems. Therefore, the school has decided for remedial classes, self-study period with the guidance from the teacher.

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