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Lin the modern world a good institution requires infrastructure which includes classroom, library, laboratories, workshop, art, dance, music and other creative activities and provision for indoor and the outdoor games The management has a proposal to spend crores of rupees on the construction of the school building which shall have allthe necessary infra-structure facilities. Apart from basic infrastructure, Multi gymnasium, amphitheater, children's park, community center, hostel and a standard playground shall be provided to make the school self-reliant and composite in nature.

Pollution Free Clean Environment

The School site is within the main city campus connected with road and other communication channels, but the location is absolutely free from the problems of pollution and hustle and bustle of the city life. The clean environment will be congenial for academic atmosphere and it will have the ambience of a modern Gurukul.

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Address: Odra, Sultanpur - U.P.

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