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Dear Readers.

Welcome to the Sun International Sr. Sec. School Sultanpur in the New Session. We are dedicated to education as a noble service and committed to excellence in your achievement. The guarantee of your performance is our dedication and sincerity. our interest in you is not only confined to the class room but it goes well beyond the periphery of the school campus to mend your academic background and career in a much changing educational atmosphere.

Palatial buildinrgs ,excellent infrastructure and greate facilities are not Merely the indicator of quality education but strive to achieve quality in every sphere of life is real achievement of a career. A disconnected and non-personal treatment of a subject or a class result in dissemination of wrong-information which a student must forget but an environment endowed with skills, innovation and creativity will allow young minds to flourish without fears or insecurities which will suffice for the exultation and accomplishment of thier ultimate agenda that will one day pen down the destiny of india.

Armed with confidence and inner strength of our highly qualified teacher, we have overjumped the ordeal of the time and emerged as the best brand of education in the entire Eastern. Uttar Pradesh and western Bihar. Our sincere sfforts and tireless endeavoursv have generated many sterling characters and shining intellects across the passage of time. Today we can confidently claim to have achieved the largest and the best equipped campus among all other great institutes of india. We have also developed new educational strategies to provide you education in homely, comfortable and well-disciplined ennvironment so that you can achieve your aspiring career in a much better way.

We seek your continued support and co-operation.

Thanking you
Mani Bhadra Singh      

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Address: Odra, Sultanpur - U.P.

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